Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time flies....

How time flies I can't believe that my babies are so big already Carina is 3 now and Jiana is two months old today. Carina is as sassy as ever and she is a wonderful big sister, she gets a little too excited at times but she just wants to help. Jiana is smiling so much and talking to us. I had returned to work already and it has not been easy to leave my girls. Here are some new pics of the girls. Here are a bunch pictures enjoy.

I Love being a mommy!

2months old Today! Look at that smile.

A day at the park

Princess Jiana
Time to go home.
Animal Kingdom Carina's 3rd Birthday

Jiana Brielle's Arrival!

Jiana Brielle Gonzalez
August 8, 2009
8lbs. 8oz. 21 inches

Last Belly Pic 38wks & 4days

Once again I have taken forever to update the blog but I have a great reason.
Our beautiful baby was born on August 8,2009 and since then I have had my hands full with both our little girls.

On August 6th I had my last visit and I was only 2cm and not much was happening with contractions. So my doctor and I decided that I was ready to get induced. I wasn't getting much sleep and the baby was already over 8lbs. So the next day we all headed to Winnie Palmer and at about 2:30 pm my induction began. I was excited, nervous and sad all at once. I couldn't wait to see her and hold her, but I was scared about the delivery part and I was going to miss her being in my belly. At about 2:30am I was checked and the doctor was ready to send me to labor and delivery. That was when I broke down crying I was worried that I would have the baby and my Mom wouldn't make it to the delivery because she was at out house with Carina and my sisters were all the way in Poinciana. I didn't know if I would feel all the pain I had with Carina. Luckily this time the epidural worked fabulously but not before some contractions brought me to tears.

Finally at about 2:45 pm Saturday my parents and the rest of my family were all at the hospital Dr.Kareem said it was time to push, after 3 pushes and 24hrs of labor my angel was here . At 2:56pm I had my baby in my arms and she was as beautiful as I imagined. My delivery was great and our baby was here healthy and chubby just as yummy as could be. Even the delivery nurse loved her fat rolls on her thighs.

I am a very happy Mami and I have all that really matters in life. Thank you God for my family.

I posted some pics below and there are many more on my face book. Enjoy.

Waiting for my room.

After many hours of waiting Nina was ready for a nap.

Proud Mama

Nina was so excited about her baby sister.
All ready to go home.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Final update until Jiana is here.

OK so this will be my final post before Baby Jiana arrives. I had my last sono yesterday and my check up today, she is now 8lbs 4oz. and as of this this afternoon I am 3cm dilated. Once I got out of my appointment I was very happy & excited. I hope to keep progressing during the week if not I will go to the hospital on Friday to get induced. I can't wait to meet her, hold and kiss my little angel. It feels like a relief to know the wait will soon be over. Her room is done all we are missing is her. Carina can't wait to meet her and help Mami take care of her. I'm not worried about Carina and having a new baby in the house because she seems to love babies and I plan to include her as much a possible. I am so thankful that God has blesses us with another little girl and that Carina will have someone to grow up with.

So this is it the next time I post I will be putting pictures of our beautiful little Jiana.

Wish me luck. ;o)

38.1 weeks

Jiana Brielle's new room.

Our little Nina ready and waiting for her baby sister.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello friends I just realized that it has been yet another month already since I last updated the blog. This past month we got a chance to take some maternity and family pictures as well as getting some projects done around the house. In the beginning of the month Je'Nay graduated from Freedom High School as an Honor student and we are VERY Proud of her. I also had a chance to get some really cute 4D pics of Jiana at the Ultrasound convention.

On June 20th I had my shower and I have to say thank you to Mami, Nadja, Zuky & Jen for putting it together. It was a nice afternoon with just the girls, we got lots of beautiful gifts and had a good time playing games and getting advice from friends. The funniest ones came from my friends that still don't have kids, it was interesting to see how they would handle being a mom. Thank you to everyone that made to the shower and gave us gifts for Baby Jiji.

Yesterday I had my my 33wk appoint and she is growing 2 weeks ahead of schedule. My Doctor does not think I will go to my due date, not even make it to 38 weeks. As of yesterday she weighs 5lbs 8oz., the sonographer tried to get some pictures after measuring her but she was not having it. She is so over sonograms she had both hands covering her face. I can't even remember how many I've had I have them every couple of weeks because of my gestational diabetes. At this point we still have a lot to do at home, but I'm ready for her to be here I am huge and pretty exhausted most of the time.

I have lots of pictures to upload I hope you enjoy them. My next post may include new born pictures of Jiana. We can only wait and see, Mami is very eager to hold her and kiss her.
Here are many of the pics I will post the rest tonight.

Maternity & Family Pics

First Family Portrait since Carina was 3 months old.

My Hubby so handsome. We make beautiful Babies.

One of my favorites
My sweet Angel.

I felt big and beautiful.

My wonderful hubby, he is a great Papi.
Photos By Erin Rettig (716) 597-9340

June Pictures

We started off the month at the beach.

Carina was very excited to be at the beach.

My Nina was cold the water was rough and not too warm.

We were celebrating Tatiana's 6th Birthday

Jiana's Baby Shower 6/20/09

Winner of the play doh babies.

Our Beautiful Family

Our happy little Nina.
Still more pics to come.